Kali Call of Darkness - walkthrough season 1

Kali: Call of Darkness – Season 1 walkthrough

Dear player, this guide is designed to make your gameplay of the season 1 of the story Kali: Call of Darkness as comfortable as possible. Please don’t forget to read it!

A reminder of our guides:

  • All choices that affect the course of the story are highlighted;
  • Choices that are time-limited are marked in the guide with ⏰;
  • Paid choices that require diamonds are marked in the guide with 💎;
  • If a choice is not listed in the walkthrough, it probably does not affect the story, but you can write about it in the comments, for our additional double-checking;
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Important: Visual novels are a complex genre in which your choices strongly influence the further narrative and lead to unpredictable consequences. For this reason, our walkthrough of the story of Kali: Call of Darkness 1 may not match your gaming experience.

Season 1 | Episode 1 – The Gaze

When you’re unexpectedly summoned to India to assist an investigation, you aren’t sure what to expect. Soon, you’re pulled into a terrifying web of murder and mystical powers…

💎 Diamond Costs: 0/18/18 – outfit, 0/11/18/18 – hairstyle, 0/11/11 – pendant, 18 – agree with the captain, 0/18/33 – room.

👗 Wardrobe Choice: Choose an outfit. (No effect)

  • Delicate dress (18💎)
  • Suit (18💎)
  • Shirt and pants (33💎)
  • Current outfit (Free)

💇‍♀️ Hair Choice: Select your hair… (No effect)

  • Beautiful hairstyle (11💎)
  • Stylish ponytail (18💎)
  • Very long hair (18💎)
  • Current hairstyle (Free)

We see a scene of a group of people sacrificing a struggling man. His blood is sprinkled on the altar with the statue of the female figure.

Calcutta, 1980. The protagonist Amala wakes up under a canopy, in the middle of a bazaar. The girl had not yet recovered from the terrible vision of the sacrifice. An unfamiliar man appeared before her.

The choice you are about to make will change the course of history. Some choices change the story slightly, while others lead to big changes.


  • Jump back. – You kept your cool.
  • Punch. – The man will remember this (S1, Ep 2)

📿 Wardrobe Choice: I picked… (No effect)

  • Emerald pendant (11💎)
  • Ruby necklace (11💎)
  • Sapphire pendant (Free)

Choice: Who does he think he is?!

  • Put him in his place. +1 Independence🐍.
  • Explain. +1 Loyalty🌸.
  • Ignore. +1 Independence🐍.


  • Ignore the joke. +1 Independence🐍. You have shown the dignity is more important to you than your relationship with your team.
  • Laugh. +1 Loyalty🌸. You are trying to be on good terms with the members of your team.

Choice: I don’t like this…

  • I will say it directly. +1 Independence🐍.
  • I want to explain my point of view. +1 Loyalty🌸.

Choice: You are…

  • Incredible. – You started your friendship with Lima.
  • Weird. – No effect.


  • Agree (18💎). – Killian is glad you agreed right away.
  • Refuse. – Additional choice.
    • Choice:
      • No I don’t need it. – Killian is furious because you are being stubborn!
      • Fine… Come on. – Killian is relieved that he didn’t have to fight you on this.
  • Leave silently. – Killian is shocked by your disrespectful attitude!


  • I am very happy to be here. – You made it clear that you are glad to be here.
  • I am here only because I have to be. – You made it clear that you don’t want to be here.

🏠 Room Choice: I liked the…

  • Rich room (18💎). – No effect.
  • Luxurious room (33💎). +1 Respect🐘.
  • Modest room. – No effect.

End of Series 1.

Season 1 | Episode 2 – A Trail of Breadcrumbs

Amala meets a guide named Ratan that will help the group in their trip across India. As the investigation continues, Amala realizes something strange was going on with the diplomat.

💎 Diamond Costs: 0/23/26 – outfit, 0/8/23 – hairstyle, 0/8/23 – earring, 23 – scene with the favorite.


  • I realize I am being impolite. +1 Loyalty🌸.
  • It’s just pajamas. +1 Independence🐍.
  • I’m going back to my room. +1 Loyalty🌸.

👗 Wardrobe Choice: I picked…

  • Beautiful sari (23💎). – No effect.
  • Gorgeous sari (26💎). +1 Respect🐘. Ratan liked your outfit! Your outfit impressed your colleagues!
  • Cute sari (free). – No effect.

💇‍♀️ Hair Choice: I looked in the mirror and saw…

  • Updo (8💎). – No effect.
  • Beautiful curls (23💎). – No effect.
  • Modest hairstyle (free). – No effect.

💍 Earrings Choice: Choose your earrings…

  • Elegant earrings (8💎). – No effect.
  • Expensive earrings (23💎). – No effect.
  • Neat earrings (free). – No effect.

Choice: To be honest…

  • I really miss my mom. +1 Loyalty🌸. You admitted that you miss your mother. This will affect the future.
  • I try not to think about it. +1 Independence🐍. You are trying to suppress your feelings. This will affect the future.

If you chose the option: “Agree (18💎)” in Episode 1, Killian will stand up for you. The man insisted that the investigation into the missing diplomat’s room not begin without Amala’s involvement.

🔀 Path scene:

  • Path of Loyalty 🌸: You pull Mr. Rose aside and calmly set new guidelines for him to follow. You managed to avoid direct confrontation.
  • Path of Independence 🐍: You confidently confronted Mr. Rose in front of everyone embarrassing him. You managed to stand up for yourself.


  • With Killian
    • Choice: … (If you chose “Punch” in Ep, 1 you will get the prompt: Killian brought up what happened yesterday.)
      • Yes, please. (23💎). – Killian enjoyed helping you (This choice unlocks a CG.)
      • I’ll do it myself (free). – No effect.
    • Choice:
      • Be firm. +1 Independence🐍.
      • Be kind. +1 Loyalty🌸.
      • Be Generous. +1 Loyalty🌸.
  • With Lima
    • Choice:
      • Open up to her (23💎). – You and Lima are now a little closer!
      • Change the subject (free). – No effect.
    • Choice: We need a new strategy.
      • Threatened him. +1 Independence🐍.
      • Trick him. +1 Loyalty🌸.
      • Pressure him. +1 Independence🐍.
  • With Ratan
    • Choice:
      • Let him (23💎). – Ratan finds you attractive! (This choice unlocks a CG.)
      • Refuse politely (free). No effect.
    • Choice: Why is he trembling so much? So weird. Let’s try in a different way.
      • Persuade him to tell you. +1 Loyalty🌸.
      • Rattle him. +1 Independence🐍.
      • Get his attention. +1 Loyalty🌸.

End of Series 2.