Kali Call of Darkness - walkthrough season 3

Kali: Call of Darkness – Season 3 walkthrough

Dear player, this guide is designed to make your gameplay of the season 3 of the story Kali: Call of Darkness as comfortable as possible. Please don’t forget to read it!

A reminder of our guides:

  • All choices that affect the course of the story are highlighted;
  • Choices that are time-limited are marked in the guide with ⏰;
  • Paid choices that require diamonds are marked in the guide with 💎;
  • If a choice is not listed in the walkthrough, it probably does not affect the story, but you can write about it in the comments, for our additional double-checking;
  • If an error is found, please help make the guide better – just write about the inaccuracy in the comments.

Important: Visual novels are a complex genre in which your choices strongly influence the further narrative and lead to unpredictable consequences. For this reason, our walkthrough of the story of Kali: Call of Darkness 3 may not match your gaming experience.