Tea Party Day - Romance Club

Tea Party Day - Romance Club

Tea Day is a regular event at the Romance Club, during which you can go through the entire series without waiting for the cups of tea to refill. The event takes place between updates and lasts about two days.

Tea Party Day in July (19-20) ☕

Tomorrow is the beginning of the in-game event, Tea Party Day! ☕

It will last 24 hours, and the tea in the game will be absolutely ENDLESS! You no longer need to worry about the tea running out at the most interesting moment. 🎉

Have you already visited the romantic streets of New York City in the story Sophie's Ten Wishes? It's quite possible that you'll meet Mitch there. 😉

Don't forget to grab some goodies to go with your tea as you triumph in the fascinating worlds of Romance Club! 🍪

When is the next Tea Party Day?

Recently, the developers of the Romance Club began to organize the event "Tea Party Day" almost monthly, which allows us to hope that this event will become permanent. Answering the question "How long will Tea Party Day last", it is worth remembering the previous launches of the event - they usually lasted 48 hours (2 days). More often than not, the event started on a Sunday afternoon.

Tea Party Day is a great event that allows you to replay your favorite series or pass it with different story options. You can also go through your favorite stories without stopping.

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