Romance Club: Psi

Ψ Psi

Ψ Psi was the 26th book released on the mobile game Romance Club. This book was released in August 3, 2022 and is currently in the status of "Ongoing". The author of this book is Alexander D..
❗Note: Since the "Ψ Psi" story is in development, we will update this page as we receive new information about the game.
Release Date: August 3, 2022
Author: Alexander D. (All authors)
History Number: 26
Genre: Sci-fi, Supernatural, Thriller
Story Status: Ongoing
Seasons: 1/?
Protagonist: Female

Plot synopsis

After a "genetic storm," society has been split into the "pure ones," with full rights, and second-rate citizens. A young woman with psionic abilities is searching for answers: does blood alone determine your humanity?

Gameplay features

Most of the decisions you make in the story "Ψ Psi" affect the main character's personality.

Information about paths and stats:

  • Impulse
  • Control


  • Form
  • Vector

If you don't want to go through the story all over again because of wrong choices or a bad ending, be sure to study the walkthrough of Romance Club: Ψ Psi, as well as guides on the main stats and love branches with the characters.

Walkthroughs all seasons

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