Sails in the Fog - season 1 - walkthroughs

Sails in the fog – Season 1 walkthrough

Dear player, this guide is designed to make your gameplay of the season 1 of the story Sails in the fog as comfortable as possible. Please don’t forget to read it!

A reminder of our guides:

  • All choices that affect the course of the story are highlighted;
  • Choices that are time-limited are marked in the guide with ⏰;
  • Paid choices that require diamonds are marked in the guide with 💎;
  • If a choice is not listed in the walkthrough, it probably does not affect the story, but you can write about it in the comments, for our additional double-checking;
  • If an error is found, please help make the guide better – just write about the inaccuracy in the comments.

Important: Visual novels are a complex genre in which your choices strongly influence the further narrative and lead to unpredictable consequences. For this reason, our walkthrough of the story Sails in the Mist Season 1 may not match your gaming experience.

Season 1 | Episode 1 – The Best Day

In one of the Spanish colonies, Adelaide is enjoying serenely her last quiet day. Tomorrow her life will change for good.

💎 Diamond Costs: 19/31 – additional outfit, 11/11/19/19 – additional hairstyle.

The main character’s name is Adelaide, and before we start the story we can choose an extra outfit or hairstyle for diamonds.

Adelaide’s father and mother enter the room. The family is in anticipation of the wedding ceremony – the protagonist will soon become a wife.

Choice: I wanted to ask…

  • Mother, what was your wedding day like? – No effect.
  • Father? How do you remember your wedding? – No effect.

The ringing of the bell gathered all the guests for the beginning of the ceremony. The bridegroom was already waiting for his bride. Adelaide was walking down the aisle when a dead man in pirate rags blocked her path. With a swing of his blade, blood splattered, the city went up in flames. Adelaide wakes up from a terrible nightmare.

In the 18th century, a governor’s family lived in the Spanish colony, where Adelaide, our protagonist’s only daughter, grew up. These lands were inhabited by her ancestors back in the time of the conquistadors. And since then, generation after generation of their family has ruled these lands.

Adelaide went for a walk in the city, where she met a boy she knew, William, who was detained by two soldiers in officer’s uniforms.

Some choices increase the value of Strength or Diplomacy for Adelaide. Choose what works for you. These choices will greatly affect the plot of the story!

Choice: What should I do?

  • Hit the soldier with the basket. +1 Strength.
  • Distract the soldier with a conversation. +1 Diplomacy. The soldier will remember you very well.

We learn that William was detained by order of Don Diego de Ochoa, the boy crossed him. The don himself will appear. The man will speak contemptuously about the local population of the colony. A younger soldier will introduce Diego to the protagonist. Before Adeloid stands the Admiral of the Separate West Indian Fleet himself, Cavalier of the Order of the Spanish Crown.

Choice: How should I respond?

  • Forgive me, Don. – No effect.
  • (Mumble) What a bastard. – No effect.
  • You have no right! – No effect.

Diego wouldn’t mind having some fun with the girl standing in front of him, but men have a lot to do, and after saying goodbye, he will leave.

Choice: Tell me, soldiers:

  • Isn’t it hard to serve such a scumbag? – No effect.
  • What was the matter that brought you here? – No effect.

Adelaide continued her walk through the city. When she reached the pier, she met the ship’s bosun. A conversation ensued between them. The protagonist in a romantic light represents sea travel, and the sailor rushed to change Adelaide’s mind to the contrary. Describing seafaring as a dangerous and difficult undertaking.

Choice: Hmm… Then tell me…

  • Why are you trying to scare others? – No effect.
  • Could I head out to sea with you someday? – No effect.

Choice: But, tell me, how does it feel…

  • To hear the cannons roar and board another ship? +1 Strength.
  • Seeing uncharted lands and countries? +1 Diplomacy.

William shows up, the guy really wants to get on that ship. But Bozeman has a different opinion about it, the man is against it.

Adelaide is back at home. Mom hurries to tell the latest news – for the protagonist found a spouse, the girl is soon to get married.

Choice: Mother…?

  • I will not marry a stranger! – No effect.
  • To whom? And why am I the last one to find out? – No effect.

Because of the pirates, economic affairs on the island deteriorated altogether. The parents were looking for a lucrative match for Adelaide to solve all the problems in the city overnight. The lack of a male heir obliges the Crown to transfer the governorship to another family. Marriage to the young heir of a powerful family with its own flotilla, will keep power.

Choice: How should I respond to her?

  • What about love? Mutual feelings? – No effect.
  • I understand. This is all just politics… – No effect.

The father of the family comes into the room.

Choice: Father…

  • You sold me… – No effect.
  • Was it the same for you and mom? – No effect.
  • I was just thinking… – No effect.

All night Adelaide read about pirates and sea voyages, and in the morning her mother comes into the room with news. The husband-to-be of the main character arrived, he brought a pearl taming as a gift.

👗 Wardrobe Choice: Which dress to wear?

  • Regular dress (0💎). – No effect. It will be whichever starter outfit you picked.
  • Royal dress (0💎). – No effect.
Romance Club: Sails in the Fog – Season 1 | Episode 1

End of Series 1.

Season 1 | Episode 2 – The Best Day

Adelaide’s life turns upside down when she is forced to become a fugitive

💎 Diamond Costs: 23 – Snatch his dagger.

Choice: How to react?

  • Allow him to put on the necklace. +1 Diplomacy.
  • Don’t let him get behind. +1 Strength.

⏰ Timed Choice: Get away from Diego.

  • Run away. – No effect
  • Throw the book at him. – No effect

Choice: How to get out?

  • Snatch his dagger. (23💎) – MC permanently scars Diego. This scar will grace him to his grave!
    • Choice: What now?
      • Hide the dagger by taking it. +2 Strength. You received Diego’s dagger.
      • Cut off Diego’s Order of Merit. +2 Diplomacy. You received Diego’s medal.
  • Call for help. – No effect

Choice: What now?

  • Help father neutralize the enemy. Adelaide smashes a vase onto Diego’s head knocking him out and says goodbye to her parents.
    • Choice: Listen, soldiers:
      • Trick them. +1 Diplomacy.
      • Threaten them. +1 Strength.
  • Run away through the window. Adelaide immediately jumps out the window and heads to the docks, meeting a man named Jackie along the way.
    • Choice: What should I do?
      • Block their way. +1 Strength.
      • Get them off track. +1 Diplomacy.

Choice: And what should I do with this confession?

  • Support the boy in his intentions. +1 Diplomacy. Your relationship with William has improved!
  • Bring him down to earth. +1 Strength.

Path of Diplomacy: Adelaide sneaks onto the ship.

Path of Strength: Adelaide walks onto the ship.

Choice: Captain…

  • Should you worry about it? – No effect
  • I am not as helpless as it might appear. – No effect

Choice: What to say to the impudent man?

  • Have some manners! – No effect
  • You could have knocked. – No effect

Choice: How to respond to the captain?

  • Are you implying something?
    • Choice: …?
      • What about for a special fee? – No effect
      • I would rather kill myself than… – No effect
  • Thank you for your nobility.
    • Choice: Sire…
      • Actions will speak louder than any origin. – No effect
      • I know many nobles. – No effect

Choice: How to respond to his curiosity?

  • It only concerns me. – No effect
  • I ran away from my fiancé. – No effect

Choice: Captain…

  • But I did pay for my place. – No effect
  • Alright. Shall I become part of the crew? – No effect

Choice: What to do with the captain?

  • Get him out to get changed. – No effect
  • Ask for help to unlace the corset. – No effect
Romance Club: Sails in the Fog – Season 1 | Episode 2

End of Series 2.

Season 1 | Episode 3 – A New Life

Heavy everyday life on the ship. Adelaide will feel at her own skin what the sea life means.

💎 Diamond Costs: 20 – Jackie’s story, 0/30 – outfit choice.

Choice: How to appear in front of the crew?

  • Stay fearless and brave. +1 Strength.
  • Smile and be friendly. +1 Diplomacy.

Choice: How to answer the smartmouth?

  • Keep quiet. – No effect
  • Joke. +1 Diplomacy.
  • Give a witty response. +1 Strength.

Choice: Seamus…

  • Thank you. – No effect
  • I do not expect any praise. – No effect

Choice: You know what…

  • Thank you for telling me. +1 Diplomacy.
  • I’ll manage without you. +1 Strength.

Choice: Jackie…

  • This is not an answer. I want to know everything. (20💎) – Your relationship with Jackie has improved! Flashback of Jackie as a child, with his father, on a slave ship, being rescued by the pirate Batholomeo Black Bart.
  • And is it enough? – No effect


  • Yes. Everything is fine. – No effect
  • No. They do not accept me. – No effect

Choice: May I say.

  • Who’s the scoundrel coward? +1 Strength.
  • We misunderstood each other, it seems. +1 Diplomacy.

Path scene:

  • Path of Diplomacy: The crew treats Adelaide to a nice dinner as an apology.
  • Path of Strength: The crew puts Adelaide through an initiation.
    • ⏰ Timed Choice: With her last breath…
      • Flip over the barrel. – No effect
      • Bite the hand. – No effect
    • Choice: I don’t trust this drink.
      • Take a sip. – No effect
      • Chug it all down. – No effect

👗 Wardrobe Choice: Choose an outfit.

  • Stylish outfit (30💎). (The crew compliments Adelaide but this does not affect the story)
  • Neat outfit (0💎). – No effect
Romance Club: Sails in the Fog – Season 1 | Episode 3

End of Series 3.

Season 1 | Episode 4 – The Breaking Point

The danger catches up with Adelaide: Diego flagship is on her tail. The heroine will have to meet her enemy face to face.

💎 Diamond Costs: 29 – the scene with Sebastian, 21 – convince the chaplain, 9 – save Jackie.

Choice: How to react?

  • Share his feelings. +1 Diplomacy. Your relationship with Sebastian has improved! Kiss scene. Sebastian will take charge.
  • Siege. +1 Strength. You can still seduce Sebastian in a later choice, but Adelaide will take charge.

You only see this choice if you chose “Share his feelings” in the previous choice.

Choice: And…

  • Seduce. (29💎) – Sex scene. Sebastian takes charge.
  • Slow down. – Talk to Sebastian.
    • Choice: Sebastian… – Even if you chose to slow down, you still get another chance to seduce him.
      • Stay… I need you. (Seduce him) (29💎). – Your relationship with Sebastian has improved! Sex scene. Sebastian takes charge.
      • Stay a little bit with me… I need communication. – Talk to Sebastian.

You only see this choice if you chose “Siege” in the previous choice.

Choice: Do you know what I want?

  • You! (Seduce him.) (29💎) – Your relationship with Sebastian has improved! Sex scene. Adelaide takes charge.
  • Freedom. – Talk to Sebastian.
    • Choice: You know what? – Even if you chose freedom, you still get another chance to seduce him.
      • I want you. To hell with everything. (29💎) – Your relationship with Sebastian has improved! Sex scene. Adelaide takes charge.
      • I want to know more. – Talk to Sebastian.

Choice: My parents…

  • I abandoned them… – No effect
  • I had to leave them… – No effect

Choice: This…

  • Bastard wants to rob us blind. +1 Strength.
  • My fiancé. He came for me. +1 Diplomacy.

Choice: How to greet Diego?!

  • Insult and spit in the face. +1 Strength.
  • Discuss the terms of surrender. +1 Diplomacy.

Choice: But I think…

  • That this is true. – No effect
  • That we have nothing to fear. – No effect

Choice: Padre!

  • Protest and prove the illegality of what is happening. (21💎) – This choice influenced the attitude of the chaplain towards you in particular and the situation as a whole. This will affect the future. Adelaide will not wed Diego on the ship, and Diego will not be seen as the legitimate ruler of Santo Domingo in future episodes.
  • Accept it. – No effect

Choice: I must save the crew!

  • Distract Diego with his Order of Merit. +3 Diplomacy. You only see this option if you chose the Diplomacy diamond choice while escaping from Diego in Episode 2.
  • To stab Diego with his own dagger. +3 Strength. You only see this option if you chose the Strength diamond choice while escaping from Diego in Episode 2.
  • Hit with the first thing that comes to hand. +1 Strength.
  • Distract his crew. +1 Diplomacy.

Path of Diplomacy: Adelaide speaks with Diego’s soldiers to persuade them into betraying Diego.

Path of Strength: Adelaide grabs some weapons and begins to attack. Diego and Sebastian duel.

Choice: Jackie!

  • Jump to save Jackie. (9💎) – This choice will affect his attitude towards you. He will never forget it. Adelaide saves Jackie’s hand.
  • Freeze in horror. – Jackie loses his hand. He will have a hook for the rest of the story.
Romance Club: Sails in the Fog – Season 1 | Episode 4

End of Series 4.

Season 1 | Episode 5 – All Over Again

Adelaide is taken into the open seas. There is not a soul around and death glimpses on the horizon.

💎 Diamond Costs: 12 – impersonate the governor, 18 – dress, 32 – hope for a miracle.

Choice: And what am I to do now?

  • Swim-it won’t get worse. +1 Strength.
  • Stay in place. +1 Diplomacy.

Choice: How to restore my strength?

  • (Try to catch fish.) – No effect
  • (Try to catch a seagull.) – No effect
  • (Scrape off a mussel from the plank.) – No effect

Choice: I regret, only…

  • Not taking revenge on Diego. +1 Black Magic.
  • I don’t know if my friends and family are alive. +1 White Magic.

Choice: Santo Domingo?

  • Why? – No effect
  • Whom to? – No effect

Choice: I…

  • Pretend to be the governor. (12💎) +1 Strength. +1 Diplomacy. This choice affected the relationship to you. + Colonist relationship.
  • Adelaide (tell the truth). +1 Diplomacy.
  • Captain (hide the truth). +1 Strength.

👗 Wardrobe Choice: You are offered a dress.

  • Royal ballroom dress (18💎) – No effect
  • English style dress (0💎) – No effect
  • Dutch style dress (0💎) – No effect

Choice: Captain.

  • Order the crew to prepare for the fight. +1 Strength.
  • Hard right rudder! We need to leave this fog. +1 Diplomacy.

Choice: Listen to my command!

  • Leave everything! Get the boats in the water! +1 Diplomacy.
    • Choice: This cannot be the end! – You will be offered this diamond choice again if you skip it the first time.
      • Ask the sea for a miracle. (32💎) – You unlock a Path Scene giving Magic stat points.
      • Try to stall them. (Free)
  • Close ranks! Fight with everything you’ve got! +1 Strength.
    • Choice: This cannot be the end! – You will be offered this diamond choice again if you skip it the first time.
      • Hope for the best and believe in a miracle. (32💎) – You unlock a Path Scene giving Magic stat points.
      • Engage in the last battle. (Free)

You only see this scene if you picked the diamond option in the previous choice.

Path of White Magic: Adelaide receives aid from the Mermaid spirit. +2 White Magic.

Path of Black Magic: Adelaide receives aid from the Manta spirit. +2 Black Magic.

Romance Club: Sails in the Fog – Season 1 | Episode 5

End of Series 5.

Season 1 | Episode 6 – New Shore

The sea washed up Adelaide on a tropical shore that seems to be an uninhabited island.

💎 Diamond Costs: 0/6/10 – necklace, 27 – story from Panzo/dreams, 10 – follow the spirit.

Choice: Listen!

  • I demand an explanation! +1 Strength.
  • I am real. Believe me. +1 Diplomacy.

Choice: Tell me…

  • Who are you? – No effect
  • What kind of place is this? – No effect

Choice: Actually…

  • No, nothing. – No effect
    • Choice: You know…
      • I lied. All of it happened. – No effect
      • No. Absolutely nothing. – No effect
  • Yes, there were… – No effect

Choice: Gain an animal companion of your choice. (This pet is free now but in Episode 8 you will have to pay 6💎 to keep it)

  • Lemur. – Playful creature who often brings you items.
  • Parrot. – Talkative parrot who knows useful phrases.

👗 Wardrobe Choice: Choose jewelry…

  • Precious necklace (6💎) – No effect
  • Royal necklace (10💎) – No effect
  • Simple necklace (0💎) – No effect

Choice: Tell it…

  • As detailed as possible. (27💎) – Flashback scene to Ponce’s past.
  • In short. (Free)
    • Choice: She dreamed of.
      • Vision of the distant past. (27💎) – You get a second chance to see the same flashback but in a dream.
      • Her house and carefree life. – No effect

Choice: I need to leave this island soon, to…

  • To avenge and restore justice. +1 Black Magic.
  • To see those who are dear to my heart. +1 White Magic.

Choice: What should I do?

  • Check out the scary noises. +1 Black Magic.
    • ⏰ Timed Choice: What to do?
      • Wait for the actions of the dead man. ❌
      • Attack first. ✅ Adelaide’s torch turns into a fiery blade, and she burns the dead man into ashes.
  • Go to the rescue of the victim. +1 White Magic.
    • ⏰ Timed Choice: What should I do
      • Stay away and not take chances. ❌
      • Rush with a torch towards the snake and scare it away. ✅

Path of White Magic: The bird transforms into the Mermaid.

Path of Black Magic: The stingray transform into Manta, the dark spirit.

Choice: Wait…

  • I need to know what’s going on! (10💎) – You visit either Mermaid or Manta in the spirit realm.
  • Freeze in a daze. – No effect
Romance Club: Sails in the Fog – Season 1 | Episode 6

End of Series 6.

Season 1 | Episode 7 – A New Me

Adelaide embarks on a heavy training under the guidance of the hermit as she will have to face the mysterious spirits of these lands.

💎 Diamond Costs: 34 – Panzo’s family saber, 20 – dress, 11 – spirit scene.

Choice: Magic is…

  • Sin and dark forces. – No effect
  • Amazing and wonderful. – No effect

Choice: And what should I do with you?

  • Scold. +1 Strength.
  • Forgive (Lemur) or Praise (Parrot). +1 Diplomacy.

⏰ Timed Choice: What to do? (No matter what you choose. Ponce will always beat you.)

  • Freeze in place.
  • Run.
  • Rush to attack.

⏰ Timed Choice: This time, I will not give up so quickly. (No matter what you choose. Ponce will always beat you.)

  • Wait in place.
  • Attack cautiously.
  • Jump into battle.

Choice: Choose a weapon. (This weapon will appear in Adelaide’s hand in future battle scenes.)

  • Ponce’s family saber. (34💎) – Now you will always have a reliable ally in battle. You will be able to get additional stats in the next series.
  • A simple rapier. (0💎) – No effect

⏰ Timed Choice: What to do?

  • Wait.
  • Go to the right. ✅ Correct. You are a competent student.
  • Go to the left

Choice: I’ll use this…

  • Only as a last resort. +1 Diplomacy/+2 Diplomacy if you have Panzo’s Saber.
  • To take revenge on the enemy. +1 Strength/+2 Strength if you have Panzo’s saber.

👗 Wardrobe Choice: Choose an outfit.

  • A festive La Muerte dress. (20💎)
    • Choice: I feel…
      • A Bright Enchantress. +2 White Magic.
      • A Dark Witch. +2 Black Magic.
  • A simple Mexican dress. (0💎) – No effect

Path of Diplomacy: Adelaide apologizes to the spirits.

Path of Strength: Adelaide seeks to control the spirits.

Path scene: Here you can switch paths if you are not on the one you want. When prompted You are… if you select The one who I need. You remain on the path you’re on. If you select Not the one I need, you switch to the other path.

Path of White Magic: Mermaid appears.

Choice: Though you’re an angel, but…

  • I want the same. (11💎) – Romantic scene with Mermaid.
  • It is not right. – You leave the Fiddler’s Green.

Path of Black Magic: Manta appears.

Choice: My devil…

  • Seduce him. (11💎) – Romantic scene with Manta.
  • Cool your ardor. – You leave the Deadman’s Locker.
Romance Club: Sails in the Fog – Season 1 | Episode 7

End of Series 7.