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Vying for Versailles

Vying for Versailles was the 27th book released on the mobile game Romance Club. This book was released in September 20, 2022 and is currently in the status of "Ongoing". The author of this book is Langley H..
❗Note: Since the "Vying for Versailles" story is in development, we will update this page as we receive new information about the game.
Release Date: September 20, 2022
Author: Langley H. (All authors)
History Number: 27
Genre: Drama, Steamy
Story Status: Ongoing
Seasons: 1/?
Protagonist: Female

Plot synopsis

As the impoverished daughter of a minor aristocrat, how will you gain independence and find love in the scheming court of Louis XIV in Versailles?

This book takes place in an alternate universe where the Crusades and Reconquista never occurred. While it is based on the historical events of 1660s Versailles, national boundaries and religions differ substantially; characters, motivations, and specific events may differ as well.

In this book you play as Renée de Noailles, the twenty year-old daughter of the Marquis de La Fayette. The events start in 1665 when the King's valet, Alexandre Bontemps, considered the second most important man in France after the King himself, blackmails you into joining the Sun Court to help him manipulate the court in favour of the King's interests.

Gameplay features


Walkthroughs all seasons

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