Kali: Call of Darkness - Cover Book

Kali: Call of Darkness

When you’re unexpectedly summoned to India to assist an investigation, you aren’t sure what to expect. Soon, you’re pulled into a terrifying web of murder and mystical powers…

  • 🔢Story number: 21
  • 🎥Genre: Detective, Mystic, Horror
  • 👫🏼GG: Female
  • ✍️Author: Aleksandra R.
  • Status: Completed
  • 📝Season: 3/3
  • 📅Release date: November 29, 2021

Story gameplay features

Most of the decisions you make in “Kali: Call of Darkness” affect the main character personality and the course and ending of the story.

Paths and Stats Information:

Independence 🐍 – by this path the protagonist is more straightforward, somewhere even rude, Amala defends her opinion and position to the last, puts herself and her dignity above everything else; more of a single player.

Loyalty 🌸 – in this way, the protagonist is more tactful, polite and diplomatic, Amala avoids direct confrontation; more of a team player.

Balance: None.

Rage of Goddess ⛈️ – Amala considers England her homeland, does not perceive herself as part of the local, Indian, culture – the heroine rejects traditions and customs because they cause her negative emotions (fear and disgust), and is doubtful and cautious about her visions.

Kindness of Goddess 🌤️ – Amala considers India her homeland, with an interest in the local culture – the heroine studies traditions and customs, they cause her mixed rather than negative emotions, she listens more to her visions.

Balance: none.

Respect 🐘 – a stat that directly affects the attitude of others towards the protagonist. With High Respect Amala is treated better, they try to help her, share some useful information, and the girl herself shows herself to be a much more important member of the team and a good specialist in her field. With Low Respect, the attitude towards the heroine is noticeably worse, Amala is no longer a good specialist and an important member of the team.

Love Interests in the Story of Kali: A Call of Darkness

With all of the following characters, finals are possible + the path of solitude is available.

Love Interests:

  • Killian (first 1×1 appearance);
  • Lima (first appearance 1×1);
  • Ratan (first appearance 1×2);
  • Amrit (first appearance 1×4);


  • Gabrielle (first appearance 2×5).

Tips for getting to the perfect end of the story:

  • It’s worth pumping as much as possible on one stat of the two paths Independence/Loyalty and Rage of Goddess/Kindness of Goddess + Respect, as each one affects the ending of the novella: the life of the protagonist herself, her minion, her friends, and their future.
  • For a good ending, it is worth maintaining friendly or polite communication with those around her, such as Sanah, policeman Lakshman, Yashvi and others, as they can share useful information or help in a difficult moment and even save a life.
  • For a perfect ending with the favorite, the necessary conditions must be met. You can read more about them in your personal guides on minions.
  • We recommend that you calculate in advance the number of points needed to choose paths.